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Should I call the police if I am in an accident?

Yes. A police Accident Report provides good evidence to the insurance company about what happened and who is at fault. Some people want to be nice and do the at-fault driver a favor by not calling the police. This is a mistake. You must protect yourself, and calling the police to prepare an Accident Report is an important step in establishing your right to medical payments and compensation.

Should I give a statement to the insurance company?

No. Insurance companies are not trying to help you. They are looking for reasons not to pay. Call our law firm and we will deal with the insurance company. Insurance companies are not offended when you refuse to give them a statement, and we will protect your rights.

Should I get my car repaired at the shop recommended by the insurance company?

You have the right to get your car repaired at a shop of your choice. However, usually the insurance company shops are screened for quality and service and if you use the insurance company shop, any delays or problems will have to be covered by the insurance company. If you go to a shop of your choice and the shop is slow to make repairs, the insurance company might take away your rental car and refuse to pay for unexpected charges found during the repair process. If you use the insurance company shop, delays and extra charges are almost always accepted by the insurance company.

Should I try to settle my claim by myself and save the attorney’s fees?

People sometimes think that they will get more money if they handle their claim by themselves. Insurance companies will do their best to pay out as little as possible. They will try to make you think that their offer is the best they can do and that you need to take it or leave it. The attorneys at the Law Office of Michael P. Carestia used to work for the insurance companies. We know the tricks and we know the true value of your case. We will also work with your doctors in an effort to reduce the amount of money you owe to your medical providers. The end result almost always is that your net recovery will be greater at the end of your case than if you had tried to handle the process on your own.